Yes, this is an easy diagnosis once you SEE it.  However, most drivers don't look at the tire tread so lifting the hood and checking out the belts and hoses let alone thinking about a water pump simply isn't going to happen.  That's why our Springfield drivers depend on Brant Jones Auto & Towing to keep their maintenance up to date and ensure this never happens. 

So how do you know if you have a bad water pump?  What are the signs?  A major red light may start flashing in your driveway when you see a pool of liquid under your car when you are not running the A/C.  If it looks like coolant on the pavement there is a problem.  If you are driving down the road and your temperature gauge is is going up instead of remaining stead, there is a problem because your water pump will keep the temperature at a fairly stable range.  If your dash light comes on it's another indicator that there is an issue.  If you experience any of these issues, schedule an appointment or give us a call here at Brant Jones Auto & Towing promptly to avoid major repairs and a water pump that looks like this!

Indication of bad water pump?  Your car will let you know when it is having problems by making serious noise.  Leaking coolant will gradually wash away the protective grease that surrounds the bearings which will then overheat and sound louder and louder.  These grinding noises are perhaps the most dangerous warning signs of a bad water pump. The bearings can collapse and that will directly affect the engine.  If you want more validation, turn on the heat of the passenger compartment of the car. If coolant is not moving through the heating core then there is a trouble with the water pump.

If steam is coming out from underneath the hood of your car, it is already too late.  Your water pump has broken down to the point where your engine is overheating.  You need an emergency tow and a new water pump! 

If you have questions about water pumps or anything else to do with your car or truck repairs or maintenance talk to our team of mechanics here at Brant Jones Auto & Towing in Springfield where we care about more than repairs, we are committed to our customers and their safety.


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