I can't say enough good things about Brant Jones Auto & Towing.  I just had purchased a used yellow Volkswagon Beetle and it quit on me.  My insurance recommended Brant Jones Towing. They came and helped me when I was in desperation and the towing guy told me they had a shop with great mechanics and honest people, so he towed my bug to the shop.  Brant Jones' mechanic was very accurate in finding the problem in my car, it was in a mess and had some major issues. When I picked up the car it drove like a new one, even though I live 2 hours away and if I ever have any car issues my car will go back to Brant Jones Auto & Towing.  I know without a doubt God sent me to them for they were dependable and honest.  Thank you guys for relieving a great worry off my shoulders, Andrea Gurien in my yellow Beetle. (5 star review)
Awesome automotive place, fixed my friend's car and was very honest and reliable, communicated with us every step of the way, I live few hours from them but if I need any work done on my vehicle in the future, Brant Jones and his team of mechanics are the only company I will trust, thank you guys for helping my sweet girl and not ripping her off because she was a single girl, Annette. (5 star review)
Great place to take your vehicle. I took my Honda Element there for work as the other shop I was using said they couldn't do it. Although there was a glitch after the work was done, through no fault of the shop, it was a faulty part, Brant got right on it and took care of the problem. I will take my vehicles there from now on. Dennis M (5 star review)
Friend of travelers! The kind of place you pray you to find when you have car trouble on the road. They helped me in a bind - 5 mins before closing. Traveling back to SC late in the day, I started having oil pressure issues. I just happened to drive by the shop so I pulled in with no call ahead or appointment. This was a perfect opportunity for any unscrupulous shop to charge me a few hundred bucks for any number of sensors, relays, switches, etc, plus labor, as I was on the road and completely at their mercy. Two people helped me, one of whom was Brant. I spent time analyzing the situation, a couple of tests, and discussed driving and vehicle conditions with me. Told me what to do and what to watch out for and assured me that the car would make it home safe. NO CHARGE. I Can't thank Brant and his team enough for their Integrity. Highly recommend this shop to anyone in need. Maybe ideal for a "second opinion" on a repair quote from someone else too. - Burwell B (5 star review)
hand on the manual gearbox of a stick shift

Manual transmissions aren’t necessarily simple, but they’re much easier to understand in concept than their automatic counterparts. You’re probably aware there are gears in manual transmissions - but there’s a little more to it than that. Here are some of the major components you’ll find in a manual transmission.

dash lights on in car

If you drive a Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Subaru, Land Rover, or other luxury or performance vehicle, you’re no stranger to the bells and whistles of the modern automobile. For the past couple of decades, these cars have nearly all been equipped with ABS, or Anti-lock Braking Systems. You may never think about ABS - until the light comes on the dashboard.

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